Python Ecosystem Integrations#

The goal of py5 is to create a new version of Processing that is integrated into the Python ecosystem. As the library has evolved over the years, this has become one of py5’s greatest strengths.

These integrations provide educators with opportunities to explore these Python libraries with their students within the context of creative coding. We believe that “Learning Python” is as much about learning how to navigate the Python library ecosystem as it is about learning proper Python syntax.

These integrations also make py5 much easier to maintain. A key design principal behind py5 is to leverage the strengths of other Python libraries and the hard work of those library’s maintainers and communities. As you learn more about Python, you will find that this is a good design principle for Python projects in general.

The purpose of this section is to articulate the Python libraries py5 is integrated with and how to make best use of those integrations.